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Barb Kronau-Sorensen at Crabtree Nature Center for Lullaby Concert
Barb Kronau-Sorensen Performing at Crabtree Nature Center for Lullaby Concert 2015

Thursday, July 18, 2019

July 31, is the 5th concert of the series (5 total) of the lullaby concerts for the summer music festival at Camp Reinberg in Palatine. 7:00 pm. We've partnered with Berry Yo Frozen Yogurt of Arlington Heights to make available for pre-purchase online the most delicious frozen yogurt you can find, and enjoy eating at the concert. For more details about the concert and to purchase tickets in advance please visit the website.

Tickets are also available at the Hasselmann Family Farms booth in the following Farmer's Markets:

  • Palatine (Saturday mornings 7am-12:30pm in the train station parking lot)
  • Arlington Heights (Saturday mornings 7am - 12:30pm by the Memorial Public Library and Museum in the parking lot)
  • Vernon Hills (Thursday afternoons 3-7pm - south end of Century Park)
  • Mundelein Farmer's Market (Friday afternoons 3-7 pm - Park Street between Lake Street and Seymore

Thank you Hasselmann Family Farms of Marengo for your wonderful sponsorship!

Come out for some delicious wholesome "as close you can get to organic without being certified" Lamb, Grass fed Beef, Berkshire Pork, Free Roaming Chicken, Turkey and Eggs! and of course... Tickets to my concerts and events:) Hope to see you there soon! Peace, Barb

Love Garlic?! We do! Here are some of the steps we are taking towards getting rid of the fear of mosquitos at the Camp Ground due to the excessive rain for the early part of this summer in this area.... First, the Forest preserve is teaming with outdoor critters and bugs that eat mosquitos like candy (spiders, dragon flies, bats, and nighthawks to name a few). There is a balance of life here. Thus the Forest Preserve is not allowed to spray for mosquitos. That being said.. we are human and don't like itching.... Therefore we invited Laszlo Martin/Galena Garlic Company and his Midwest Garlic Festival to bring their savory and slightly smelly but delicious Garlic to the concerts. We have tons of garlic seeds which will be placed in breathable pouches on the tables and the lawn to help deter those little buggers. We also will have dried Rosemary, Thyme, and Sage tossed into the firepit. The smoke does not waft through the seating area usually, rather it surrounds the forest behind it to keep the bugs in there. Thanks Lazlo from Midwest Garlic Fest for your quick ingenious thinking! Yes, you will also be able to buy your own garlic at the Garlic Fest booth at the concerts. And, if you bring your own tinfoil and butter, you can wrap up your garlic, and put it into the fire pit, sprinkle a little salt on top and eat a most delicious snack!. (I'll bring the salt)

Peace, Barb

Saturday, June 1, 2019

I am really enjoying this warmer weather finally! It's been raining for 5 days straight and yet the sun still peeks out about every few hours. Today, I helped a friend of mine at his farmer's market booth - Hasselmannn Farms. I sold concert tickets and event tickets for my upcoming shows, and also frozen organic meats and fresh-from-the-farm eggs. I'll be there again next Saturday from 8:00 am till 12:30 pm at the Arlington Heights Farmers Market. I've got tickets for the Lullaby Concert Series at Camp Reinberg and also for the 5th Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt! in Palatine. Come on by and see the great selection of fun things for your summer menu of food and entertainment.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

HI, wow I can't believe it's been since January that I posted on this page. My apologies. Life has been super busy. Preparing for the year's concerts and tours, writing new materials, producing special events, and just having a great old time of it all. Have also been going through emotions that come with friends being ill, the polar vortex (brrrrrrrrr!), moody weather, spring fever, and enjoying a great little puppy dog that is always so happy to see me! (I am guessing it's because I feed it, and walk it, and pet it LOL!)

The next concert I am preparing for is the April 7th concert at Berry Yo Ice Cream in Arlington Heights, IL at 2pm. Free concert. Come out and enjoy a casual concert, buy some ice cream and sit and mingle. Very nice folks that run the shop. I think you'll enjoy it. Hope to see you there. Peace, Barb.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

It got colder outside but it's still rideable by bike! yay! Been burning up a lot of calories doing my work. Have a few more concerts coming up this wekend and next. Check 'em out on the Concerts page (link at the top right) Hope you're all having a great day! Peace, Barb.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Yes! I did it! I signed up for the Vitamin Water Challenge. 1 year, no smartphone or tablet. Instead I promised to write up to 25 new songs and book up to 250 concerts. So far I have given 3 concerts this year. Yay!

  • 1. Taco's El Norte - Rand Rd/Palatine, IL
  • 2. Pure Juice Cafe - Evergreen Plaza/Arlington Heights, IL
  • 3. Around Cafe - Northwest Highway/Palatine
Coming up....... Friday January 11, 7pm Tacos El Norte - Rand Rd/Palatine, IL ......... Saturday January 12, 3pm Cafe Around - Northwest Highway/Arlington Heights, IL

Hope you all have a happy healthy succesfull new year! Peace, Barb.

Tuesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year To Everyone! I was so very happy to find a friendly OPEN laundromat on New Years day! Nothing like starting the new year off with clean clothes LOL!. :) Lavanderia La Rosita on Dundee Rd in Palatine. Friendly good folks. Thanks! Then I went for lobster lunch with a friend and enjoyed a nice long catchup conversation and then came back and spoke with some friends from Church. All in all a great way to start a new year! Here is the link to my Happy New Year Message for you all from my laundry washing experience LOL click here to view the video.

A Study shows that more concerts is better! :) I am playing at 7pm at Tacos El Norte at 213 S Rand Rd in Palatine on Friday January 4th. Get off your computers and come have some fun!

Fun Questions!

What is the furthest you have toured?: Furthest west is Alaska and Hawaii, furthest east is Berlin Germany, furthest north is Barrow Alaska, furthest south is Dallas Texas

How do you do what you do?: Balancing work, pleasure, play, fun, creativity, practice, networking

How many songs have you written?: I have written a few hundred. Not all have been recorded.

Do you have any pets?: I have two acquariums with snails, and one terrarium I am preparing for neon tetras

Did you have to go to school to be a musicians?: The kind of musician I am, included a college degree in Chemistry. For myself, I learned that it wasn't just about a higher more challenging use of my brain via education, but about learning to travel amidst many types of circles. A musicians meets all kinds of interesting and fascinating characters on the road.

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Feedback & Quotes

Susan Galvez Fan

"If you have not heard Barb singing a lullaby in German or yodeling for a king, give your ears and mind a treat and see Barb in concert" ....... those are some of my favorites songs!"...Susan Galvez. Palatine, Illinois

Jeff Videographer

Barb’s engaging songs draw people in. Her audience often joins her in joy filled sing-alongs. Barb is also an excellent story teller, she tells amazing facts about her songs in a highly entertaining ways. Barb Sorensen has a vast range and sings in German and English She sings early American and German Folk Songs along with modern Pop Rock and Kids Lullaby’s. Barb’s informal friendly approachable joyous style is perfect for family gatherings in a park, Historical Re-enactments, and all sizes [sic] concert settings. Heinz Thiel

Kim Parent of Barb's Music class student

She Looks Up To You. Thank you so much for keeping us informed of your career. Gretchen almost cried when she heard your "Snowflake" song! Honest!! She just looks up to you and always has. Kim, United States - 15 January 2006

Joyce & Tony Fans

"My husband and I have been to several of Barb's concerts. We are very impressed with her songwriting abilities and her enthusiasm for performing. Barb loves singing and playing her guitar, and it shows!" - Joyce and Tony T., Downers Grove, Illinois

Keith Fort / Director Screamfest B96 Chicago Entertainment Producer

"Barb is very creative, extremely hardworking, willing to go far above and beyond the norm. Her transformation as an actress was stunning and a wonder to behold. She was always one of the first to offer her time and talents to help promote the show, and I endorse her heartily. Thanks, Barb! and Keep rockin'!"

Neal Reynolds Fan//Author

5 stars - Sensuous and Romantic Acoustic Pop/Rock Fun!

It's well past midnight as I write this and I can't stop listening to acoustic pop/rock singer/songwriter Barb Kronau-Sorensen's CD "Walk That Mile"! It has that rare quality where the songs are both immediately pleasing to the ear and catchy, yet don't wear out their welcome upon repeated hearings. In fact, upon each listen the songs become even more aesthetically pleasing, while one develops a deeper appreciation of the melodies, instrumentation, and extra layers and levels of meaning to the lyrics. I can't decide if my favorite song is "The Sound of Your Soul" or "Because I Am" -- I like the overall sensuous, Caribbean feel and emotion of "Soul" the best, yet I can't resist the unexpected melodic variations and vocal stylings of the last two and a half lines of each verse of the rockin' "Because I am". "Because I Am" vividly conveys the singer's delight at her formerly stick-in-tne-mud lover's unexpected romantic revival -- which has happily turned her into his fool as well. "The Sound of Your Soul" combines the musical styles of lite jazz and Jamaican music to set a warm, loving mood... a wash of sound that magically conveys the depth of the love the singer feels for her love, as she basks in the glow and feels ever closer to, almost one with, his soul. The CD opens with the infectiously catchy instrumentation of the pop rock song "Walk That Mile", wherein the singer tells of the lesson she has learned, that she has to follow her own path, not those others would choose for her. A familiar lesson perhaps, but one seldom conveyed with as much feel, strength, and good 'ol fashioned rock 'n roll fun than it is here. In fact, from the moment the song begins it is clear that this entire CD is a fully professional quality work of art, from the highly skilled playing and singing to the crisp high fidelity recording with absolutely no background noise -- an impeccable job all the way around. The fourth song on the CD, the catchy dance club style "Possessive Obsession", breaks somewhat with Sorensen's acoustic tradition by using techno-pop studio tricks and electronics -- to good effect. And it's interesting to hear a story of a woman being possessed by love for a change, as we have a tendency to think of obsessive love as a purely male phenomenon. Also unexpected for an independent label is how fully professional the packaging and graphic design of the CD is, with the inclusion of lyrics and several lovely and festive photographs of the singer, whose beautiful voice is matched only by her visual beauty. Anyone who has had the good fortune to have seen one of this very intelligent singer/songwriter's beautiful, energetic (and downright fun!) concerts knows that she has an incredible wealth of original material -- so my only complaint is that only a few them have been recorded so far. Let us hope she gets another CD released soon. In the meantime, if you're looking for a wonderful musical pickup during the winter doldrums (or any time), something that is both romantic, fun, and insightful, I can't recommend a better CD than Barb Sorensen's "Walk That Mile".

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