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Produced by Barb Kronau-Sorensen / Emerald City Music Productions, Inc.

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Today is Tuesday, 06-25-2019
The time is 03:29:46am

MUSE Live! is re-locating to a new Venue. Next show is April 2018. Please check back for new address and dates.


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Eventbrite - MUSE Live - April 18, 2018,   7:00pm

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I am sitting at the library updating this blog today. We have been working behind the scenes to acquire a new venue. It's taking a little longer than we hoped. We left the old venue because the contract ran and out and they had a change of hands. We thought we found a new venue who was really interested bringing MUSE Live! there, but the new one fell through due to price. So we are currently still looking around a bit and keeping our fingers crossed. We hope you hang in there with us and join us as soon as we are in the new place. We have a few leads we are working on and will update the blog as soon as we know more. Thanks again for your interest in MUSE Live! Barb


Wow! Time Flies!!!! I have been so busy producing this show and enjoying meeting the audiences and working with the artists that I completely forgot to update this blog. Yikes! Please accept my apology! I will make a more diligent effort to stay up to date on this more regularly. Here is what's been going on ... November's show hosted some wonderful artists - Andrew Kline the Freak of Magic, and Zachary Busch a spoken word poetry artist and comedian from Palatine, IL. Laughed my tail off and members of the audience jumped out of their seats when Andrew blew their minds with his magic skills. Wow! That was fun! December's show brought the beloved comedian and nationally recognized actor Philip Earl Johnson a.k.a Moonie! the Magnif'Cent!, Mark Lyons the "Garden Troubador" and the Dystopians - a new original rock band from the Midwest. Awesome show! I was charmed as I laughed till tears as Moonie built me a rose and tried to hand it to me.. each time re-tweaking it a bit more. Mark Lyons taught us about the art of home cheesemaking as we drooled over the thought and enjoyed his songs about mushrooms, and we were treated to an awesome show by a new rock band we stumbled upon that has been touring the Midwest under radar and is starting to be known in the area - The Dystopians. And finally it's time to say goodbye to our old venue and move into newer and greater digs. January 2018 has us relocating our show to a new theater in the area. It's still under wraps as we iron out the details and put it all together. Rest assured it is something special, magical and fun! We are sure you'll love what we have come up with. Wish us continued goodluck with this. February will be the next MUSE Live! show. We have lots of technicals to iron out, legal stuff to sort through, accounting nad budgeting details to update, marketing to update and address changes on all our materials. We are still accepting artist submissions and crew signups during all this. I'll post an update here as we make progress on the move. In the meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy the snow outside, go build some snow angels, sing some snowy winter songs, enjoy the pink noses, rosey cheeks, steam in the air from your breath, snowflakes on your eyelashes and the crunchy noises of quiet winter evening walks. Be creative and go out and play. Be creative with snow and ice! Free art supplies from nature! Summer will be here too soon. Well that's all I can say for today. I have lots more website updates to do. Will blog again here soon. Peace. Barb


Yay! We finished the October show of MUSE Live! last night. The artists were amazing and inspiring! We also still had a few technical glitches to work out, but overall the feedback was that everyone enjoyed the show and came away with something to think about. We are now confirming the acts for the November show and working with the crew and venue on tweaking things. If you haven't yet purchased your tickets, please buy them in advance. Tickets are available at these fine ticket seller locations in Palatine (Palatine Locations) or online at See you Nov. 16th! at 7:00 pm

We have also have the Baker's Square fundraising gift cards for sale at the shows to help raise funds for the MUSE Live!. They will be available before and after the show.


Yay! We are confirming the acts for the October show and working with the crew and venue on tweaking things. If you haven't yet purchased your tickets, please buy them in advance at this link: See you OCt. 19th!


We have been super busy as usual behind the scenes for creating next months show. Now that the template has run we are tweaking a few things such as sound, equipment, crew, and hospitality related things. We have also received the Baker's Square fundraising gift cards which we are selling at all our shows to help raise funds for the show. They will be available before and after the show. We have a great lineup of artists this month and hope you can join us. Tickets are available at these fine ticket seller locations in Palatine (Palatine Locations) or online at


Wow! We have a great show planned for you tonight! We have been working diligently to put together all the pieces and parts of this show just for you. Frosty Locks and Splinter from Texas are going to entertain us with their fun Renfair style comedy, improv and music. Then we'll be interviewing Cheryl Calderon about her paintings and artistic journey, and Gail Wells who is a self published author for the positive mood inspiring book "Wish". We also have a surprise guest on the show. I hope you can join us and we look forward to seeing you at our official gala Grand Premiere tonight at 7pm.

You may purchase your tickets via the link on top of this page or in person at the theater

The show takes place in the Grand Cinema at the Grand Twin Lakes in Palatine (920 E. Northwest Highway)


We are happy to announce officially that MUSE Live! is coming on September 14th, 2017 to the brand new state of the art theater the Grand Cinema in the Grand Twin Lakes in Palatine. The Grand Premiere gala event will include artists, hor'doeuvres and drinks, music and a great time. Come listen to artists share their journeys and careers as well as show their works. A portion of the show is also opened up to audience questions of the artist. ***This Grand Premiere is a Dressy Casual event.

"What we play is life."..... Louis Armstrong

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Show Time

  • 6:30 pm Theater doors open/complimentary hors d'oeuvres
  • 6:45 pm Seating begins
  • 7:00 pm Show Time
  • 8:00 pm Meet'n'Greet the Artists

Please purchase tickets in advance

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