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April 26, 2019 - Palatine, IL

Countdown to Walpurgisnacht! 2019:

Single witch standing by the bonfire at Walpurgisnacht! 2018

Feeling a little witchy around the edges?!

Join the celebration and let your May beauty shine through again!


    Walpurgisnacht Offers:
  • May Pole Decorating
  • Broom-ball lite, Lacrosse style relay
  • Witches Dance (come dressed as your favorite witch, wizard, or warlock - muggles also welcome)
  • Games and Activities!
  • Broom Decorating (bring your own or purchase one at the event)
  • Live Entertainment
  • Great place to get together with neighbors and friends in the spring before the rush of summer activities begins.

When & Where:

The celebration takes place on Friday April 26, 2019 - between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm at the Camp Reinberg Pavillion - 1801 N. Quentin Rd., Palatine, IL


* All Ages, Family Friendly event (Please leave pets at home)


(c/p wolfshaeger-hexenbrut Germany)

Magic incantation/spell/charm

c/p 2018 Barb Kronau-Sorensen

Du mußt versteh’n!You must under-stand!
Aus Eins mach Zehn,Out of 1 make 10,
Und Zwei laß geh’n,And 2 let go,
Und Drei mach gleich,And 3 make alike immediately,
So bist Du reich.So see you too are wealthy.
Verlier die Vier!Lose the 4 and lose the fear!
Aus Fünf und Sechs,Out of 5 and six, it's not about sex,
So sagt die Hex’,So says the witch about her hex,
Mach Sieben und Acht,Make 7 and 8,
So ist's vollbracht:So it's surveyed:
Und Neun ist Eins,And 9 is 1,
Und Zehn ist keins.And 10 is none.
Das ist das Hexen-Einmaleins!This is the witches table of multiplication

Lassen auch Sie sich „verhexen“ und feiern Sie mit der Palatine Hexenbrut!

(Let yourself also be "bewitched" and celebrate with the Palatine witches brood!)

Click here to read more about the history and background of the Walpurgisnacht celebration.

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