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April 26, 2019 - Palatine, IL

Countdown to Walpurgisnacht! 2019:



Once upon a time a looooong time ago there was a single solitary witch who lived in the forests of Palatine and loved to dance around the fire pit. She wore clothing made of whatever she could find, a belt made of old bones hanging around from her most deliciously cooked meals, and shells she collected on the beach. People called her a witch because she was different. Not like the good fairies and not like a demons or the fae... Every year in the spring is a witches celebration in Europe which she really felt called to go to and participate in...but alas... being called a witch is a very degrading thing sometimes and can cause your bottom line financially to plummet. So she could not afford to fly there on a plane... And her broom... well, it too has seen better days, so she couldn't use that either. Still, this witch had a magic trick up her sleeve... and this year, 2018, she is bringing the magic of Walpurgisnacht from Europe to Palatine, IL for a special spring celebration right here! We call on all other witches, warlocks, demons, devils, fae, and muggles to come dressed in your best and join in the dance and celebration. April 26th, 2019. 7pm-9pm. To join in the dance is free if you are dressed up for it. To be a spectator will cost you. $10 entrance fee. Bring your own broom or purchase one at the event. Brooms are $10 plus $3 for decorations, string and glue. You can even reserve one in advance on the

January 14, 2019

Yes! The spirits have awoken and are flying around under dArkness of winter, gathering up pieces and parts for this year's celebration! What's Brewing Supply Company in Palatine has joined us as sponsor. They will be offering classes on making your own homemade rootbeer and meade at their shop over the weekend in conjunction with Walpurgisnacht! We will post class times and the ticket links here when it's ready. In the meanwhile, if you're thinking of joining in this year's witches dance, please be rehearsed before you arrive. Here is the link to the practice video. And, remeber to purchase your tickets in advance at this link if you want to enjoy the event other than a witch dancer. We are just 3.5 months away from a great spring evening celebraiton. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

December 10, 2018

Wow! It's been an amazing year! The witches came and danced, frolicked, and we had a great time! What's brewing supplied the dry ice for our magic cauldron of fresh homemade rootbeer, Jewel osco supplied us with the meat to eat, and Sherwin wiliams brought some magic pots of paint with which we created a masterpiece on a giant tarp. You can see the results in the gallery. A mysterious warlock even showed up and played the part of the devil in the skit. Thanks! Spring won the day, the flowers came out, and all was happy and merry again. Now it's December... witches are going in doors and preparing for their annual congregation in teh spring again. Oooh What fun can we broil up this coming year? We have been hustling all summer to clean up the aftermath of all that mischief. We have sorted and logged the photos, and uploaded them to this website today. Yay! Hope you all enjoy them. We have also decided to bring the event back to Palatine again in 2019. The website is updated and the ticket page is ready! Hope to see you all in the spring again! Thanks for coming everytone! For ticket please visit this link. For group ticket sales please contact us at Groups Sales or call 224-578-9052.

April 17, 2018

It is Tuesay today and we checked the weather for the event and it looks like it's going to be 65 degrees and sunny with a slight overcast. Perfect for the witches dance, firepit, broom-ball, lacrosse style relay, painting acitivities, and fresh homemade rootbeer. I can feel the witchiness in the air as people are frustrated with this winter weather...I believe the spirits will fly Friday April 27th!. Join us! 7-9 pm. In the meanwhile, the head witch is swooping about town picking up the pieces and parts for the celebration, and her assistant conjurors are gathering up last minute advertisers looking to have some fun with us through the event. We are accepting last minute advertisers only until Friday April 20, 5pm Click here if you are interested.

Click here to read more about the history and background of the Walpurgisnacht celebration.

Thank you to our most Wonderful Sponsors!

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