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Farm Art is artwork created by me, Barbara Kronau-Sorensen from items ethically sourced on an organic style farm in Marengo, IL. The artwork includes pressed flower and feather pictures, engraved bone desktop success sayings, paperweights, nature made candle holders, branch coat hooks, feather and bell dongles, and more...

The items are found on the Hasselmann Family Farm in Marengo - feathers that fall (from chickens, ducks, and geese), branches that fall from trees, wildflowers growing in the fields and alongside the road, etc... The items are put together in interesting ways that reflect life, into home decor art.

Farm Art is not just about beautiful artwork though. As I spent a little time on the farm, I was writing more songs about my love of farming and the neat things I saw and experienced there. Thus a set of songs for a new CD... and of course, I titled it Farm Art. It comes out in May, along with concerts, more art exhibits, and a light presence for sales at the Hasselmann Family Farm booth in the summer Arlington Heights farmers market. All in support of the new songs and the artwork. Hope to you see you there.


I am very much a supporter of the organic earth friendly movement. I met Hasselmann Family Farm at the Palatine farmer's market in 2016 and asked them to sponsor my concerts. At the time, unbeknownst to me, they had just purchased their new farm in Marengo and so were pre-occupied with the all those details. 3 years later, they sent an email out and I responded. They began to sponsor my concerts and events in the northwest suburbs of metropolitan Chicago in 2019.

Part of my dream is to build my own organic farm. After telling Hasselmann Farm about my dream, I was invited to come to the farm and learn more about farming. And that is what brought me to Marengo.

On The Farm

On the farm, I quickly learned that everyone on the farm has their own specific role to play. There are no extra roles leftover. It's run super efficiently. So I had to make one up quickly so I would not be in the way as I hovered about the farm learning as an intern. I learned that on a farm, you make the most of the land and everything on it. I saw animals grazing, space being used for barns, vegetables growing in the garden, ducks and geese and chickens using the ponds and puddles to clean and drink, and sheep basking in the fields. The crew cleans out the barns, feeds the animals, runs the little store, fixes equipment, and keeps the farm house in top shape and the workers healthy, safe and happy. I am an artist, what am I going to do on the farm to make the most of the land? I saw feathers that fell from chickens, and realized I viewed them as beautiful, while others might just take them for granted. I saw branches fall from trees in windstorms, and most folks would just clean them up and use them for firewood. I saw them as beautiful coat racks! Art! came to mind. So I began to pick up feathers I found lying around, branches that fell from the trees in windstorms, and other odd items. I took them back and made art items from them as souvenirs from my visit there. I began to help Scott the farmer at the farmer's market, so I could learn the different cuts of meats and how it works from the consumer backwards to the farm. I brought some artwork to show the customers and people began to take an interest.

My first exhibit came about when the Palatine Public Library sent out an email for artists to exhibit their work. I responded and the first show took place at the library January 1 - 31, 2020 on the second floor.

The name - Farm Art - came from my background as a German and American, and my love of farming. In German, the word "art" means "type" as in type of person, or type of thing. In English it refers to the product of creativity. Thus, the words "Farm Art" reflect my farming type nature and way of being, my artwork, and my German and American heritages. And that is how Farm Art came into being.

I hope you enjoy the exhibits.

peace, Barb

Exhibit, Sales, & Concert Dates

*Note: More dates are added as the contracts are confirmed. Thank you for checking back.

January 1 - 31, 2020 - Palatine Public Library - 2nd floor art exhibit showing items from Barb's personal collection of pressed flower and feather pictures. Viewing is during library open hours. Please check the library's website for details. Thank you.

Thank you to these wonderful businesses for their sponsorship and support of fine art and culture. Please remember to visit them and thank them.

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Fun Questions!

What is the furthest you have toured?: Furthest west is Alaska and Hawaii, furthest east is Berlin Germany, furthest north is Barrow Alaska, furthest south is Dallas Texas

How do you do what you do?: Balancing work, pleasure, play, fun, creativity, practice, networking

How many songs have you written?: I have written a few hundred. Not all have been recorded.

Do you have any pets?: I have two acquariums with snails, and one terrarium I am preparing for neon tetras

Did you have to go to school to be a musicians?: The kind of musician I am, included a college degree in Chemistry. For myself, I learned that it wasn't just about a higher more challenging use of my brain via education, but about learning to travel amidst many types of circles. A musicians meets all kinds of interesting and fascinating characters on the road.

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Feedback & Quotes

Susan Galvez Fan

"If you have not heard Barb singing a lullaby in German or yodeling for a king, give your ears and mind a treat and see Barb in concert" ....... those are some of my favorites songs!"...Susan Galvez. Palatine, Illinois

Jeff Videographer

Barb’s engaging songs draw people in. Her audience often joins her in joy filled sing-alongs. Barb is also an excellent story teller, she tells amazing facts about her songs in a highly entertaining ways. Barb Sorensen has a vast range and sings in German and English She sings early American and German Folk Songs along with modern Pop Rock and Kids Lullaby’s. Barb’s informal friendly approachable joyous style is perfect for family gatherings in a park, Historical Re-enactments, and all sizes [sic] concert settings. Heinz Thiel

Kim Parent of Barb's Music class student

She Looks Up To You. Thank you so much for keeping us informed of your career. Gretchen almost cried when she heard your "Snowflake" song! Honest!! She just looks up to you and always has. Kim, United States - 15 January 2006

Joyce & Tony Fans

"My husband and I have been to several of Barb's concerts. We are very impressed with her songwriting abilities and her enthusiasm for performing. Barb loves singing and playing her guitar, and it shows!" - Joyce and Tony T., Downers Grove, Illinois

Keith Fort / Director Screamfest B96 Chicago Entertainment Producer

"Barb is very creative, extremely hardworking, willing to go far above and beyond the norm. Her transformation as an actress was stunning and a wonder to behold. She was always one of the first to offer her time and talents to help promote the show, and I endorse her heartily. Thanks, Barb! and Keep rockin'!"

Neal Reynolds Fan//Author

5 stars - Sensuous and Romantic Acoustic Pop/Rock Fun!

It's well past midnight as I write this and I can't stop listening to acoustic pop/rock singer/songwriter Barb Kronau-Sorensen's CD "Walk That Mile"! It has that rare quality where the songs are both immediately pleasing to the ear and catchy, yet don't wear out their welcome upon repeated hearings. In fact, upon each listen the songs become even more aesthetically pleasing, while one develops a deeper appreciation of the melodies, instrumentation, and extra layers and levels of meaning to the lyrics. I can't decide if my favorite song is "The Sound of Your Soul" or "Because I Am" -- I like the overall sensuous, Caribbean feel and emotion of "Soul" the best, yet I can't resist the unexpected melodic variations and vocal stylings of the last two and a half lines of each verse of the rockin' "Because I am". "Because I Am" vividly conveys the singer's delight at her formerly stick-in-tne-mud lover's unexpected romantic revival -- which has happily turned her into his fool as well. "The Sound of Your Soul" combines the musical styles of lite jazz and Jamaican music to set a warm, loving mood... a wash of sound that magically conveys the depth of the love the singer feels for her love, as she basks in the glow and feels ever closer to, almost one with, his soul. The CD opens with the infectiously catchy instrumentation of the pop rock song "Walk That Mile", wherein the singer tells of the lesson she has learned, that she has to follow her own path, not those others would choose for her. A familiar lesson perhaps, but one seldom conveyed with as much feel, strength, and good 'ol fashioned rock 'n roll fun than it is here. In fact, from the moment the song begins it is clear that this entire CD is a fully professional quality work of art, from the highly skilled playing and singing to the crisp high fidelity recording with absolutely no background noise -- an impeccable job all the way around. The fourth song on the CD, the catchy dance club style "Possessive Obsession", breaks somewhat with Sorensen's acoustic tradition by using techno-pop studio tricks and electronics -- to good effect. And it's interesting to hear a story of a woman being possessed by love for a change, as we have a tendency to think of obsessive love as a purely male phenomenon. Also unexpected for an independent label is how fully professional the packaging and graphic design of the CD is, with the inclusion of lyrics and several lovely and festive photographs of the singer, whose beautiful voice is matched only by her visual beauty. Anyone who has had the good fortune to have seen one of this very intelligent singer/songwriter's beautiful, energetic (and downright fun!) concerts knows that she has an incredible wealth of original material -- so my only complaint is that only a few them have been recorded so far. Let us hope she gets another CD released soon. In the meantime, if you're looking for a wonderful musical pickup during the winter doldrums (or any time), something that is both romantic, fun, and insightful, I can't recommend a better CD than Barb Sorensen's "Walk That Mile".

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